S        A        N        F        R        E        S        H        E        S
B                    I                   G
A lethargic, emo croon that builds into a screaming lament, "BIG" is the first single off of sanfreshes' forthcoming, debut EP. "BIG" uses familiar sounds to evoke nostalgia and unconventional noise to summon your angst as it points the finger at someone else.
your backbone isn't in the right place
i think it's missing
"BIG" tastes like cheap beer in your best friend's basement when there's no place you'd rather be.​​​​​​​

BIG is featured on "The Rundown - August, 28, 2022"

sanfreshes featured as "One of the 13 best indie rock bands"
song + lyrics: sanfreshes
producing + mixing: samuel ireland
mastering: corey coffman

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